Blockbuster Bombs documentation with audience reaction

Blockbuster Bombs is a guerrilla interactive video I created in the weeks leading up to the Iraq War. I ran Blockbuster Bombs nomadically from the trunk of a car, pulling over at various spots in Atlanta and projecting an interactive video of a live feed of the local street scene with the sky keyed out and replaced with footage of falling bombs from the 1991 Operation Desert Storm. I ended the evening by projecting the piece on the side of a Blockbuster Video outlet to highlight issues of spectatorship. The piece instigated immediate public discourse about the impending war, some of which I captured in the video.


Guerrilla Exhibition of Blockbuster Bombs, Streets of Atlanta, 2003


video on the side of Blockbuster Video

Arrangement of piece on the wall of Blockbuster Video.

viewers discussing the piece

Viewers discussing the piece.


video on the side of Blockbuster Video

Screenshot of MAX/MSP/Jitter patch.